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By Anonymous
So I'm not sure if this is correct I started the boss fight with the Assassins dagger the boss made a comment about it.
Anyways I did not destroy the hammer and still got this item. Though it's possible ally destroyed hammer at last second and I just missed it.
By Nighttide
anyone else notice that the pommel can be interacted with and brings up a menu that allows u to combine it with a quest item?
By Anonymous
I’ve found some weapon pieces to something that looks like a scythe. So far I’ve found 2, a blade and a handle.
By Anonymous
Wrong pommel. You're thinking of the one you can find in the Forgotten Commune. That pommel plus the blade found in the same area can be combined by interacting with the pommel, allowing you to create the Ritualist Scythe.
By Anonymous
Wrong pommel. That is Ritualist Scythe.
By Anonymous
I destroyed the hammer when he had 1 bar of health left, he immediately regenerated it, and I mean immediately, and the king stopped fighting but still tracked me for a good 10-15 seconds until seemingly randomly dying. Got the pommel even though he had a mace with a visible health bar back in his hands.
By Anonymous
This weapon ****ing sucks
By Anonymous
weapon claps ur build bad
By Anonymous
It is not about destroying hammer 5 times or what ever. It is about destroying hammer when boss has like 5% or even less HP left so that Fey Knight that is strapped on hammer gets free and does a finishing blow on the King. That is when you get this. So again remember if you want this: King need to die by Fey Knight killing blow.
That is how I did it.
By Anonymous
Can confirm, this is how it is done. Just got it and the hammer only broke twice or so, but got him to under a bar, then killed the hammer and waited. Got the kill and the pommel.
By Anonymous
Also there can be one more possibility. Get Kings HP low and then you free Fey Knight, he attacks the King and gives you a window of opportunity to dps him dow and kill him. The King need to die by Fey Knight killing blow or just die in that window of opportunity animation those are possibilities. But in both of this senarions the crucial key is freeing the Fey Knight on hammer at right moment. Destroying hammer 5 times is just wrong info.