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By Anonymous
Effect: Perfect Dodge increases Melee Damage by 15% for 7sec.
Perfect Evade Flop also gains 10% Damage Reduction for the duration.
Location: Awakened King DLC area. Talk to the bridge Warden (the big guy sitting against a carriage on said bridge) while wearing the full Zealot set.
By Anonymous
i tried that he still attacks me mid dialogue
By Anonymous
You do not need the Zealot set for this. I got the ring in Leto Mk 1.
By Anonymous
He's bugged, he attacks me even with the set on
By Anonymous
Apparently the Zealot set thing is wrong. I'm yet to try it but I've read that it's a really based on not having killed enemies (or a below a set number of enemies prior to meeting him).

His dialogue seeks to align with this.
By Anonymous
Has nothing to do with zealot armour. On your way up to the Warden is a room full of Fae and Dran killing each other (has a big furnace at the back of it you can’t miss it), run straight past it and don’t kill any enemies from here on out until you reach the bridge, he’ll talk to you every time.
By Anonymous
You can also just run up to him and spam through his dialogue before you die to get the ring.
By Anonymous
Folks you don't need gear for this, you just need to not kill the Fae who are fighting the Dran beneath the bridge, he then praises you for not succumbing to the blood hunger.
By Anonymous
Currently bugged. When I found him he was dead and ragdolling. I talked to him and he gave me the ring without any of the requirements
By Anonymous
definitely bugged, dude starts swinging on me while talking about how great i am for staving off murderous intent (he's not wrong, I've done this twice now (': hehhe)
By Anonymous
I literally avoided every single Fae in my entire playthrough and he still instantly aggros me.