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By Anonymous
Got Tormentors Pummel withour having any of the mentioned Items equipped. Once again the "wikI" is just wrong
By Anonymous
i'm just as confused, was hoping for the agony spike but after choosing to straight away kill him i got tormentor's pommel and now have no idea what to do to get agony spike instead.
By Anonymous
If you break his hammer, he will drop to his knees.
If you kill him while he is down, you get one of the items.
If you kill him with him standing, you get the other one.

He talks about the items if you have them equiped, but they dont affect the drops.
By Anonymous
Also burden of the divine, he'll have extra dialogue and you'll get another burden type ring
By Anonymous
Man, Tormentor's Pommel seems tough. it says he'll regenerate his hammer eventually but when i broke the hammer he had it back in about 5 seconds.
By Anonymous
When you hit his hammer a Fae Knight is released and attacks him knocks him to his knee; when his health is low continue attacking his hammer, the knight should finish him off rewarding you the pommel.
By Anonymous
I got Tormentor's Pommel in my first fight. I broke the weapon without attacking the BOSS and let the assassin appear to kill him.
By Anonymous
if you break the hammer during the fight you will recieve the Pummel if you just kill him the Spike
By Anonymous
I believe I found how to actually get the pommel. When you break his hammer, one of the Fae strapped to it is freed and will damage and stagger the king. To get the pommel you have to let this damage be the killing blow on the king. So just get his health real low, and then break his hammer, I only broke it once and it worked for me.
By jerazar
I've seen videos were he also summons Fae Penitents along with the Dran, don't know if that is based on difficulty or squadsize though.
By Anonymous
in coop
By Anonymous
If you come back to his Throne Room after paying tribute to Red Prince, the Red Prince will be there and proclaim himself as the Red King.
By Anonymous
Boss is very fun and well designed but it's disappointingly easy. Easily cleared it first try on Apoc. The DLC was fun because it's Losomn but this was easily their weakest DLC they've ever released, the story wasn't good and the fights weren't really all that challenging. I liked the Corsus Queen much better as a giant endgame boss. Hopefully they deliver better on their next DLC.
By Anonymous
i share your opinion, the map was also too big, so it adds a bit of burn out to any replayability, too much fodder, and not enough unique bosses, it's just the same copy paste elite into boss formula they use when they can't create something new. It's a pitty.
By Anonymous
lol This is internet. You can spin stories and brag all you want but nobody believes you with out a prof. Your words are hollow.
By Anonymous
Our game must have bugged out or something, because the king was an absolute pushover. Previous bosses in the DLC were as challenging as you would expect, took several tries, but the king literally fell over. We kept shooting his big hammer which dealt a ton of damage once it broke, and he kept respawning it. It only took destroying the hammer maybe 5 times before he died. He didn't do most of his moves - probably because the fight took maybe 60 seconds and half of that was him summoning his hammer back. Again the other bosses were fine and it was fun trying to learn their moves and kill them, so it was disappointing that the last boss seemingly bugged out.
By Anonymous
go play apoc if you wanna brag
By Anonymous
Not bragging, literally all other content was difficult af on apoc. This specific was bugged for us or something
By Anonymous
Did you even read the comment?