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By Anonymous
Maybe I'm just bad but this guy keeps outhealing my attacks. This fight will take me at least 15 minutes because of his stupid heal. And before you tell me, oh you can just cancel it, canceling the heal only cancels half of the heal, not all of it. **** this boss
By Anonymous
Tossing an axe or something at him right before he starts casting it interrupts the cast completely. You have to be fast though and immediately throw once you see him put away his sword.
By Anonymous
Oh you can just cancel it
By Anonymous
this might be the worst fight ive seen in this game if you dont kill the archer outside they can just snipe you through the walls and mind you those attacks almost one shot not even gonna mention mr infiniheals the archer using wallhacks is wild to me
By Anonymous
By far the worst boss fight in the game; not because of it being particularly difficult, but rather because it relies entirely on cheapness rather than an interesting move set. Aside from the occasional parry if you try to attack him with a melee weapon, he just continously spams heal and that homing lightning attack.
If the guys in the development team considers this a good boss battle, they're delusional beyond words.
By Anonymous
totally agree
By Anonymous
easy boss
By Anonymous
Actually love this boss, one of my favorites so far. Actually a little challenge
By Anonymous
use poison. don’t care how you do it (you should have that ring that lets you use umbral spells with any talisman or some salts). stack it with bleed if you can (also a ring for that)

really helps to deal with his heal spam.

devs, if for some reason you see this- make his heal animation take longer so it can be canceled if you’re not right on his ***, and make that spell waaaaaaay shorter. dodging is fun, running away every 30 seconds is not.
By Anonymous
One of the worst bosses in any Fromsoft or Soulslike game I have ever had the displeasure of fighting.

>very high HP
>weird and **** attack pattern
>heals back to full randomly at 60-75% HP, literally cannot out-dps it unless you have some weird *** build
>aggressive lightning attack that bombards the ground wherever you are that goes on for way too long so you just have to run away

This game was not played by the devs, or playtested at all. The balancing of this game is legit one of the worst I have ever seen in any game. It's so ****ing bad.
By Anonymous
Git Gud
By Anonymous
Skill issue
By Anonymous
For a character like he was presented the bossfight was very disappointing. And I'm talking about the gameplay side wich is ****ing boring as hell he has just a basic moveset and has one magic attack wich is stupid and makes me want to quit for the boringness, and the story side wich was presented like a deep and "tragic?" character but his boss fight was just there with nothing at all, he has one ****ing stupid line and does the ****ing point down when he kills you or does a parry wich is funny for a random enemy but not for an Important character like he is in the game.
By Anonymous
How to balance this boss:
1. Adjust how far he can gap-close with his attacks.

2. Reduce the casting frequency of the lighting spell, make it last for 2-3 and slightly increase the delay on the visual que before the strike by a small margin.

3. Force the boss into a specific attack pattern following the lighting spell making this more of a learnable attack pattern that can be blocked/avoided.

4. Decrease poise during the healing spell channeling and increase delay, add an audio que or quote to the boss as he prepares the cast, and either adjust the cast time or healing value.

5. Add a barrier to the areana removing outside interference from the archer(s).

6. The boss can stick to a casting player a bit too well, I can barely ever fit in a timing for baiting an attack & getting off a quick spell. Either reduce the range on his dodges/attack combos or remove those traits in trade for an actual gap-closer attack.

7. Increase physical damage when the boss lands a chain attack on a player. This will help balance the bosses damage output to still feel threatening without it being gimmicky.

8. Give the boss the Sanctuary ground spell to be used once in tandem with his fire enchant after he reaching less than 30% hp. After this enrage he will also stop casting his normal heal & lighting spls while opting to stay close to the player. The boss will also stay inside Sanctuary while it is activated but he can be pulled out by using Soulflay, this rewards players for using a main game mechanic that can skipped in most battles. The heal will bring him to 55% health if the boss is not damaged/removed from the AOE.

9. Give him more taunts when he kills a player. This boss can still be plenty frustrating and that last taunt is what really grinds my gears and motivates me to even suggest these changes since this could be a very fun boss fight once some of the gimmicks are corrected. Thoughts?
By Anonymous
So basically make it a free kill? Got it