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By Anonymous
Probably the only boss fight in this game I genuinely dislike. I can't see anything when he starts spamming fire explosions because the arena is so small.
By Anonymous
He is immune to poison, frostbite, and bleed.

Enhanced Lump Hammers and other high poise damage attacks melt him.
By Anonymous
seemingly immune to poison
By Anonymous
Same here. No buildup.
By Anonymous
Did the devs just run out of ideas, two bosses with almost no arena room in a row.
By Anonymous
The only thing that makes this fight difficult is the absolute dogshit performance of this game on PS5. The matter he starts using his AoE attacks, the FPS drops to single digits. Frustrating as ****.
By Anonymous
Just stay close to him and dodge through his attacks, can see everything and will always end up on other side of lingering fire. Frost attacks work and so does poison, as well as physical damage. You can also just spam seismic slam everytime he stalls when you dodge
By Anonymous
probably a cool boss, but i couldnt ****ing see a thing because the arena is tiny and his explosions take up half of it.
By doomsmann
Really poorly designed boss. feels even worse after having to deal with Elden Ring McGee and Parry McDoucheface about 2 feet before him.
By Anonymous
Playing an inferno build made the frames in this just so much worse. I turned my graphics to "Low" for the fight because I was just having too many frame drops once he started using the AOE attacks. When I turned it back to a higher setting afterward it played ALL of the effects from ALL of my attempts at once and I thought I was going to have a seizure.
By Anonymous
It's a soulslike, bosses are suppose to be frustrating until you figure them out. staaaaahhhhhhhhhhp crying
By Anonymous
Stop excusing bad design