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By Anonymous
In the second phase, target the back right leg then keep really close to it, moving counter clockwise, it will break and allow a grievous attack and he won't hit you. You can run away, heal and repeat.
By Anonymous
Ng+ his health and damages needs to be HEAVILY NERFED! My god I have 70 in vigor and he still 2 to 3 shots me. I do 3k dmg to his second phase and it's barely an inch of health gone. He's so fukkin op it's not even funny. Day 2 of trying to beat him and it's not workin.
By Anonymous
The drip you get makes this boss worth the headache
By Anonymous
What does the parasite do? It doesn't seem to shield him or regen his health.
By Anonymous
I believe it protects his posture. At least when hes the knight. Killing the parasite knocks half his posture, and seems to take more posture damage afterwards.
By Anonymous
Who would win, Tancred, 3m tall madman and master of castigations or an old hammer?
By RedVanguard83
NG+ version needs a damage/HP nerf, they overcompensated to a comical degree
By Anonymous
use umbral weapon spell together with frost bite weapons and he will melt took me like 3 min for both phases with dual dagger for fast frost bite proc/ build up
By Anonymous
In the first playthrough it was easy, but in game+ it's a disaster how much HP he has!
By Anonymous
I love this game to death, but I've had just about all I can take of fighting health bars that kill you in three hits.
By Anonymous
You just described every boss in every soulslike ever, except maybe pinwheel
By Anonymous
Found the viglet