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By HollowRaccoon
Maybe this is meant to be monstro or something.

Either way the 1sT phase is easy then he gets that multi run charge thats super annoying
By Anonymous
im cry
By Anonymous
Bone-cutting saw with exploding pickaxe handle. Aegis to stop charge, heavy attack and stun.
By Anonymous
Was struggling trying to use Seven Coil Sword then tried this and beat it on the first attempt with this exact setup thx!
By Anonymous
Are you talking about 2nd phase charge? Because Aegis doesn't work...
By Anonymous
Smoky progg finally got an upgrade
By Anonymous
They really just gave another one a 2nd phase and it's just a re-do of the first boss, but with extra hits weaved in.. really?
By Anonymous
Really? Another? Another two boss fights in one? Did they just run out of ideas and say "**** it let's just make them all with two HP bars and call it a day." ?
By Anonymous
Hey now, the second stage has like two hp bars worth of health.
By Anonymous
It's called a slight raise in difficulty xD
By Anonymous
No matter how well you do 1st phase, they find a way to dispatch the spectre and use up your pulses with bs aoe attacks with perfect tracking
By Anonymous
First phase seems weak to fire and is pretty easy to deal with.

Second phase seems weak to electric shock and only took me a few tries after trying the electric grindstone.
By Anonymous
I would love this game so much more if every single wasn't flailing around all over the place and the dodge wasn't so tight. Or that even when you dodge the enemy doesn't just zip across the arena or pivot 180 so that you almost always get hit
By Anonymous
not the game its you
By Anonymous
People that dislike or disagree are just basement incels. This boss is a great example of bad design.
By Anonymous
Most bosses in this game don't flail around, but swamp monster does and it is annoying, esp 2nd phase. Also, the dodge is less tight than the deflect and seems to work quite well usually. Sounds like a bit of a skill issue on your part in that regard.