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By Anonymous
How do you charge?? For the counter?
By Anonymous
Let go of L2 and then hold it after the first explosion.
By Anonymous
Sadly it cannot hold block against red attack, you still need block at the right timing for that, though it has a little more forgiving timing than perfect block with normal weapon maybe ?
By Anonymous
You can spam parry button with the shield out since you don't have a block lockout animation, it makes it literally impossible to fail the parry. This is the most overpowered legion arm by a mile, it's not even close
By Anonymous
the parry can block red attacks and prime a follow up counter
By Anonymous
This is the most op legion arm in the game. There's an exploit where the shield permanently counts as blocking, so you can spam the parry button with the shield deployed and it refreshes the parry window instantaneously. It literally trivializes every fury attack in the game and it's especially strong against elites and Simon Manus. Coupled with the fact that the shield swing barely does any less damage than a normal, it makes great weapons get hits for free with the shield deployed. It also is extremely legion efficient as long as you don't use the shield counter, which you pretty much never should because it's trash. The only time you should ever shield counter is to proc white bar stagger because it can gapclose very hard.
By Anonymous
As you said yourself, it's an exploit. If you want to beat the game by cheating, suit yourself
By Anonymous
cheating is fine if the game is not gentle towards you. Btw, this will most likely get patched at some point, if anyone else know other exploits, feel free to share them.
By Anonymous
Anon 01 Oct 2023 08:02 You want a gentle game and yet you're playing a souslike game. It's like ordering mexican food but wishing you don't fart the devil's breath for a week.
By Anonymous
I was very confused by the guard counter as the game doesn't explain it at all.
After an explosion is triggered, either by block or shield parry, release and then immediately press and hold L2
you will do a short windup and then gapclose + secondary explosion
it can miss your target on uneven terrain i've found, but very good otherwise
By Anonymous
Literally exactly what I came here to find out, thanks homie
By Anonymous
Thank you so much for explaining this, just like my dude above I came here exactly for this.
By Anonymous
Holy **** now that I understand how it works, this is actually great. Uses up a ton of legion, but fully charging it up is quite a gap closer and comes with an additional extra explosion.
By Anonymous
Brøthür, you are a hero to me and never forget it. You saved my life this day, now go commit acts of evil to balance your karma.
By Anonymous
does this make ur block slower?
By Anonymous
No, it does not. The shield block itself it slower than blocking with a weapon, but having it won't slow down weapon blocking (and the shield block, once up, is considerably stronger than even the best weapon at blocking.)
By Anonymous
So the glitch with L1 spam is known. But I've been using it with just L2 before the attack like you would with a normal L1. Just takes longer. I'm wondering if that's a glitch too, now that I learned about the other. Oh well
By Anonymous
The counter doesn’t seem worth it, uses a lot of legion and you’d rather use it to block so save your legion calibers for something else I would say.
By Anonymous
This+ proof of humanity=

By Anonymous
Absolutely goated legion arm... Try to compare the shield block with other weapons, its superior, even the massive puppet axe with 77 guard, this beats it still. Maybe the guard is 85? Then when you get the r1 counter after some upgrade, whatever the foe did, it just gets healed.

Its parry is stronger than it seems, normally, the cool block explosion has a cool down, so you cannot just block and boom, block and boom... BUT with the parry upgrade, the triggered parry is a boom! So you can block and boom Breaking stance, doing damage.... massive guard...

Even with out upgrades a well timed guard with this can trigger perfect guard still. Theres like no point to weapon guard if you have this on I feel. The boom is like 450 dmg for me, not too extreme, but a build w condensed Legion arm P organ, and high legion plus reloading might have a nicer time w it.

Like a block, it takes a bit to get it ready, you can be to late to a press and get hit before its up. With some practice, it can really be strong.