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By Anonymous
She bad af
By Anonymous
Nameless King, but THICC
By Anonymous
Trying to figure out if she’s human or monster or puppet for the amulets lol
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
She was great. Such a badass fight when I learned that you could parry all those lighting bolts she threw at you in the second phase, and throw them right back at her lol. Made the fight a bit easier too on top of being incredibly badass
By Anonymous
Both of these comments saying nearly the same thing are from me btw. Sorry, It said my first comment never got posted but I guess it did lol
By Anonymous
Best boss in the game followed by nameless puppet and manus 2nd form.
By Anonymous
If you hit her shield enough times (with charge attacks at least) it will break
You can use the slower pace of phase one to do this
By Anonymous
The best way to break it is with attacks that won't bounce, that way you don't need worry about that weapon bounce animation leading to getting hit. Most offensive legion tools will work for this purpose.
By Anonymous
You can deflect all those lighting bolts she throws in her second phase, right back at her. Great damage and is insanely badass
By Anonymous
Really? I always perfect guard those but haven't recognized any damage on her.
By Anonymous
Tips for phase two besides deflecting lightning?? I can no hit phase one but I get destroyed within ten seconds at phase 2 I must be missing something, please!
By Anonymous
When phase 2 starts, move over couple steps to the left on top of the grass, that way her teleportation attack won't reach you and you can get freebie hits in, lol. This could work on the grass to your right but I didn't test it.
By Anonymous
I used Status Resistance Potion and Perfect Grinding stone when phase2 starts and threw Acid cask underneath me -> Double R2 plus Fable and 2 iron balls broke stance before she could start flurry-ing.

Try staying in the middle of the Bridge (after her P2 Opener ofc) and stafe right all time, the Boss kills you fast when you waste stamina too much or suffer from Electroshock status.
By HollowRaccoon
When did nameless king transition and why is she hot now?
By Anonymous
He has follow Gwyndolin path.
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