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By Anonymous
Anyone else find her hot in the second stage? Or am I a sick pup,lol.
By Anonymous
I was gonna say the same thing, lol
By Anonymous
In phase 2: if you Perfect Parry the lightning from her Storm Cloud Lightning Attack, it will turn red and reflect back at her dealing her damage.
By Anonymous
doing a Left Arm of Steel only run on ng+7 and she is by far the hardest so far, everyone else was either a first or second try but Im struggling with her a lot, love the fight tho.
By Anonymous
I don’t say this often but her move sets are so cringe. Especially phase two.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
You can't homie, she for the streets
By Triple_A
Long reach heavy weapon works wonder in this fight. Was using rapier+city spear at first but it didn't give any advantage because of her hyper armor and non-stop delay combo (which can't be more generic in a soul boss game to the point it's boring). Switched to Bone-Cutting Saw +Exploding Pickaxe Handle and cleared the first or maybe the second try. Made this fight much easier.

Start charging heavy attacks. They packs serious punch if used with acidic grindstone in 1st phase (of course it depends on weapon upgrade and your build too), you can easily take out a chunk (~15%) of health each time and they will quickly open her up for a fatal attack. Just watch out for her retaliation before the attack prompt (I think she does this for both phases). You can easily finish this phase without getting hit at all if your attacks connect plus the RNG favors you.

Same tactics for 2nd phase, just be careful her attacks will be a bit more difficult to read now, but you can consistently land a hit or 2 after the initial lightning bolts attack. You should try to reflect them because it gives you huge HP advantage, I never managed to dodge the dive but if you could you should be able to hit one more time. You might need to trade attacks but you still find openings after some combos. Most notably the jumping sword slam+electric discharge attack. You can safely land a hit or 2.
By Anonymous
Carcass body fluid won this fight for me. i had the first phase down to the point i was able to nearly perfect it, maybe use one health pot, but the second phase is just too aggressive to do much other than keep your health up. i got a few hits in when i could, running to her whenever she jumps to take advantage of the cooldown when she lands. but mainly i just tried to keep acid damage up. real nail-biter at the end when i would've been one hit - even blocked - missed a throw, but clipped her with the second throw as she was coming in for the kill.
By Anonymous
it would be cool if she had an attack where she sits on my face
By Anonymous
I would love her to sit on my face and fart all over it bare *** so I can turn her flatulence into my new oxygen supply.
By Anonymous
Your comment is valid and based. As for fart anon, you are just phenomenally cringe and need to go outside
By Anonymous
*teleports behind you* "heh, nothing personel, kid"
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