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By Anonymous
Bit of a nightmare to defeat. First fight that took me three tries.

You want to sneak up on him from the side, so DO NOT follow the 'cat' (Displacer Beast)! That will lead into an ambush (although also the 'dialogue' way out of the fight). Sneak up behind him and his henchmen but be careful about how you position your companions, as they WILL push you off that ledge, and it's not a nice drop. Your first goal should be to kill Yurgir, so you really do want a 'surprise' attack here.

I think if you miss on your attack, the enemies will not be 'surprised'. Then after taking care of Yurgir, you want to see how many of his troops you can push off the ledge, with either push or something like Eldritch Blast, or Thunderwave. That is just to thin things out temporarily. These guys will all hit twice, have high AC and ARE IMMUNE TO FIRE. RIP Fireball, so much for that. Ask me how I found out they are immune to fire damage.

The Displacer beast is a high priority but not a top priority. Once he has cloned himself a few times he has got to go though.

If you are thinking of taking the dialogue route, you should be ashamed of yourself.
By Anonymous
Don't know why this was downvoted so hard. They only people saying it "was easy" are blatantly saying they did it using metagaming and cheese along with using gloom assassin, which is meta-gamer 101 for beating anything when you have the power of quicksave. If you're honest, and haven't min-maxed everything, this is legitimately supposed to be one of the hardest fights in the game. Nothing in the last act even came close Imo.
By Anonymous
If you see a displacer beast and run behind it calling "kitty kitty kitty!"
yep, them it's hard.
If you smell the obvius ambush and explore to attack you first, them it's easy
By Anonymous
Post is being downvoted probably because of the last, WHOLLY unnecessary "If you are thinking of taking the dialogue route, you should be ashamed of yourself." comment. It's a single player RPG. People can play it however they want, and don't need to feel "ashamed" for how they wanted to play out their story.
By Anonymous
I guess the downvotes are for shaming people who choose the dialogue route... You can share your way without bashing other's.
By Anonymous
redditors smh
By Anonymous
just kil the rat king first and it will go without a fight
By Anonymous
why was raphael so scared of this guy
By Anonymous
Its Balthazar he's scared of
By Anonymous
Because he can go invisible as a bonus action and he likes to stalk his prey? Raphael may be more powerful, but I can understand why he's a little nervous of someone as massive, yet somehow still extremely stealthy as Yurgir.
By Anonymous
i accidentally cheesed this fight.
i hid under the platform where all his minions were, in a attempt to make them all clump together in a area for me to use fireball.
then i remember i had karlach carrying the the rune powder that i kept from the towers.

so i had karlach drop it, pass he turn, i positioned myself, casted a fireball on it, it killed everyone and everything except me.
it worked.
By Anonymous
They are immune to fireball and the runepowder isn't that strong. Lie better?
By Anonymous
He means the special runepowder from the deep gnomes, witch is a nuke.
By Anonymous
could be because i had passive on but spoiler when i went to raphels home he was there and was a great ally in the fight runing invisible and dropping 40 damage quiet regurally
By Anonymous
This fight currently feels impossible on tactician.
By Anonymous
I lost 50 health in total on tactician, his minions take forever to get to him, just pick up the bombs and kill him then kill the rest. But I guess if you don't have high ac its more difficult? I have two 22 ac people and they just stand in front and watch people miss half their attacks
By Anonymous
Well I learnt well to always bring one character only to walk. Realizing ambush, i just aggro them to the broken stairs and kite them
By Anonymous
The easiest way to beat this fight on all difficutlies is to just attack the Displacer Beast with a ranged attack, without letting it run away. that will agro all minions + Yurgir and they will come to you. You can easly gateway them through the very narrow hall, even place barrels of oil or smokepowder. super easy fight, even without Meaty (the flesh golem you get from Balthasar)
By Anonymous
Nope the easiest way was to let him kill every comapnion and them himself xD
By Anonymous
His bombs are very powerful and useful in the future if picked up in combat. I managed to collect 16 bombs, maybe they drop them endlessly and he is a source of farm.
By Anonymous
i picked up his bombs and they exploded right after turning gale into chunky sauce