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By Anonymous
Does this effect the new Miasma skill? It says AoE on the package, and does an explosion (more or less), so it should be an AoE and not an Aura, right?
By Anonymous
Yes it does!
By Anonymous
Does this effect the Vial Skills of the Alchemist or is that affected by Resonance (aura trait) instead?

Furthermore is the shared relic healing that medic gets affected by this or resonance?

What about the random buff you get from alchemist relic use? Aura or AOE?
By Anonymous
All of those should be governed by Amplitude. For Alchemist, the Vials get bigger and the random buff you give out has a bigger range. Which conversely should mean the Medic shared healing should be bigger (don't have Medic leveled much, didn't test further). All of the Medic skills should fall under Amplitude as well (Wellspring did get bigger when I tested). I tested all this using the Handler dog.

Afaik the main things affected by Resonance are like Offensive Gas cloud effects, like Sporebloom.

Which when you think about it doesn't make much sense because beneficial effects like shared healing and buff sharing should be an 'aura' in most other games.
By Anonymous
I just tested in on alchemist vial of life and it works.
By Anonymous
They need to signal a bit better "Aura" vs "AoE"
Dream Catcher is a "Aura" btw Various gas clouds are also "Auras"
AoE are strict to "explosives" Meridian is a good example.

Explosive is a smaller "group" oddly but a pretty interesting group of effects.

Sorrow Also seems to be potential for this effect too.
Starfall Pistol uses this.
The Explosive of Starfall Mod/Astro Rifle also use this.

Few other examples but it's notable maybe a "list" of what is and isn't a AoE is notable and what is and "Isn't" an Aura.

Aura are def more common though.
By Anonymous
Who else is using toxic release valve with fully upgraded amplitude?? That poison cloud clears the damn room. Epic :)
By Anonymous
Doesn't seem to affect the Dream Catcher, unfortunately
By Anonymous
some reason doesnt affect the medic heal circle size
By Anonymous
It does, tested it.
By Anonymous
this does affect the Archon skill: Reality Rune, i.e. the time bubble. so yeah. that’s cool.
By Anonymous
Okay, it helps the Enigma chain further, but I'm wondering does it actually increase the range from the player to the enemy (not just enemy to enemy)?
By Anonymous
Does this affect spectral blades Whirlwind weapon mod? It looks AoE. Im still early in the game so I can't really afford to test it.
By Anonymous
I had the same thought!


I just tried it now with the dummies in Ward 13. I performed the Spectral Blade AOE on a dummy until I was not able to hit it. Then I respec to put points into Amplitude and tried again from the same spot where I could not hit the dummy. Still no contact.
By Anonymous
Spectral Blades is a "Aura" not a "AoE" by tag.
Same to many Skills & Mods.
There is 2 "AoE" effect suites.

It's a whittle counter intuitive though.

Spectral Blades is "weird" but might be cause it "wall phases" as well. Auras don't...obey walls unless there is a special type of wall (Very select walls protect from Aura)
While AoE "NEVER" pen walls. It's one of the "ONLY" splitting definers. It might be the "Explosive" tag is the true definer cause some weapons/mods/skills have that.

Sorrow is a oddity and has a "Explosive" tag meaning it's "return" pull out is a "Explosive" prob with a tiny blast radius. But it triggers the Explosive = Burn Damage tag for a specific amulet.
By Anonymous
Haven't tested many things, but I can confidently say this affects the Firestorm and Tremors mods, the Engineer's Impact Cannon turret, and Enigma's chaining range.
By Anonymous
And Medic and Alchemist’s AoE skills as well.