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By Anonymous
My Brocwithe Quarter was nothing like described here. Mine had a mounted boss right at the start who would leap in and out of combat. Got the Venerated Spearhead from beating her.
By Anonymous
The spearhead is used to craft the Huntress Spear. "Charge attacks use x (25) stamina to throw the spear, which returns to the wielder's hand."
By Anonymous
Brocwithe Quarter may appear alone as the huntress's hunting ground, the arrangement will be ridiculous, there is another world stone within 50 yards next to the world stone
By Anonymous
I got huntress and no Oracle that I could see as well, combed the entire area for a ring (booster ring) near the checkpoint and that's about it.
By Anonymous
walked both children back to the old ladys hideout she still doesnt speak to me. bugged possibly
By Anonymous
"Use the Magic Quill on the wall located on the in between level of the shortcut area." << This couldreally use a screenshot reference, pretty lackluster description.
By livevilforever
It was also incorrect as what areas are found behind the doors are randomised
By Anonymous
So this is an extra place that just leads entirely to side dungeons?
By Anonymous
nothing like as described
By Anonymous
This is the first fextralife page ive seen completely incorrect.

My instance had a broken elevator with a smashed bell on the bottom