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By Sewer009
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Risky Ring give advantage on attack rolls. Bard attacks two targets. But i don't know how it work with ricochet arrows.
By Anonymous
Point of order. This great ability has the most inappropriate name of any feat in the game. 'Sharpshooter" implies increased accuracy.

Dear BG3 gods, please rename this feat as "Long Draw", which should also not work for crossbows, as they have their own feat.

I look forward to your comments and downvotes.
By Anonymous
I think it depends on how you interpret how the feat works in-universe. Like, I imagine if you make a normal shot your character is aiming for a reliable target on the enemy’s body, whereas if you use an ‘all in’ shot they’re aiming for a vulnerable, but difficult to hit area of the body, like the face. The arrows aren’t hitting harder, you’re just hitting the foe where it hurts. Hence, sharpshooting. If you interpret ‘all in’ as your character shooting the arrow with greater velocity (not sure how they’d do that with a crossbow) then yeah, it doesn’t make sense.
By Anonymous
Nov 17 what you're saying could accurately describe the mechanics and functionality of the feat in realistic terms...it is still however poorly named as 'Headshot ,''Headhunter,' or "Risky Shot" would still be more appropriate names for the feat.

From an online definition: A sharpshooter is a person who is highly skilled or consistently accurate in shooting a target with a gun or a weapon.

I'm glad we could engage in this pointless debate.
By Anonymous
I mean, I interpreted this as more “casual discussion” than “pointless debate”. You gave a perspective and I added my two-cents to it. Hope it’s chill on your end. Anyway, I’d say those definitions of sharpshooter still apply to the feat. Being able to ignore high ground rules and hit the foe’s weakest areas would require the character to be “highly skilled”, and since they’re avoiding disadvantage from high ground, that would make them more “consistently accurate”. “Risky shot” would’ve worked for the togglable passive, but “all in” does a pretty good job of conveying the same message, I’d say.
By Anonymous
This does not work with thrown melee weapons. It didn't add any damage to Returning Pike.
By Anonymous
Me: I could never have fun with a ranged build.