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By Anonymous
Archer fighter battlemaster, let's go!
By Anonymous
WTF happened to "Attacking at long range doesn't impose disadvantage on your ranged weapon attack rolls" i kno Larien likes to homebrew but this was not a gud nerf
By Anonymous
apparently its not a toggle for this or battlemaster, so you can no longer choose when to take sharpshooter shots and when your shots are reg, same with battlemaster, hopefully a bug
By Anonymous
You can toggle it off in the passives tab
By Anonymous
Bugé, with two hand crossbows it also works if the second one is already in use, so 2 booster shots for elite shooters without counting that for the second point crossbow the -5 precision malus does not apply.... I think it's made for a heavy ranged weapon.
By Anonymous
Does this work with thrown weapons? I want to build a Eldritch knight that uses thrown weapons since with bound weapon they automatically come back every time. So does sharpshooter work with that idea or not?
By Anonymous
Easy to test due to the change class function the skeleton guy at the camp offers.
At least Tavern Brawler works with it (and Duelling Fighting Style).
By Anonymous
No, sadly does not work with thrown weapons.
By Anonymous
At least as of right now, the -5 accuracy penalty does not seem to apply to the bonus attack action you get for dual wielding hand crossbows (but the damage bonus still applies). I assume that isn't intentional and will likely get patched, but how it currently works is fun if a bit busted.

Running it as part of a 'gunslinger' type Bard/Warlock build, and since the your full action is always occupied with spells/eldritch blast there's essentially no reason to ever turn the modal ability off. Never have to use the main hand attack that gets the penalty, but you get the off-hand/bonus action attack at full power basically for free every turn. That offhand attack often ends up being as if not more dangerous than whatever the 'full' action happened to be that turn (not to mention how satisfying it is to casually one-shot some poor goblin with the D&D crossbow equivalent of a .454 Casull after you've already eldritch blasted a couple of his buddies off ledges to their deaths earlier in the same turn).

Even if/when they fix how the penalty is being applied, this is still going to be a super strong pick for any build running hand crossbows. There are lots of ways to mitigate the accuracy penalty, but taking the baseline damage from 1-6 to 11-16 is massive.
By Anonymous
I discovered this on accident and it is indeed busted but fun. Just being a fighter, with no on hit synergies unlike hunter's mark or hex, dual wielding hand crossbows is always more damage than any other ranged weapon.
By Anonymous
Is the extra 10 damage increased on crit? I'm assuming 'no' since 5e crits only increase dice rolled.
By coredumperror
Correct, the +10 damage does not get affected by critical hits.
By Anonymous
This is fun in Greater Invisibility + hand crossbows. Attacking from invis always have advantage, mitigating downside of losing accuracy. Ranged attack has main+bonus actions coupled in one pack for hand crossbows, which generally isn't a big deal, but there it means 1 less sneak check to lose invisibility.
By Escape0707
RIP Sharpshooter. Patch #1 "Fixed the Sharpshooter feat not applying its penalty to off-hand ranged attacks."
By Anonymous
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