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By Anonymous
Does this stack with Oath of devotion's sacred weapon?
By Anonymous
Yes, it stacks with any other enchantment, but requires concentration.
By Anonymous
This seems like a worksround for Gales appetite for magical artifacts ut idk
By Anonymous
It absolutely is not
By Anonymous
can this be disabled by losing concentration by being hit?
I ask because some things with the concentration tag, that last until a long rest, do and some dont
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Also can this stack with weapons that already have an intrinsic enchantment bonus?
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By Anonymous
Not terrible. It's adding one to your attack and damage ROLLS. Sometimes this is just enough to push you over an opponents AC. But as you get into the Underdark, you probably find yourself using this less and less. Ideally you work at exploiting advantage or inflicting statuses that render AC useless. But if you can't climb that wall just yet, this will tide you over.
By Anonymous
Guidance ads a D4 and to all ability checks and is a cantrip. sure your tradin 1 damaged for the d4, which makes them roughly equivelant in power. why on earth is this coincentration and a 2nd level spell?
By Anonymous
Well for starters, ability checks aren't attack rolls.
By Anonymous
It's *** since it requires Concentration. There are far better Spells to be using your Concentration on.
By Anonymous
As a paladin, what else would you be concentrating on? Lol
By Anonymous
It's rather hard to maintain this spell, since anything could break it. Any tips on maintaining concentration for this spell?
By Anonymous
There are a couple of different ways. Concentration saving throws are affected by your constitution stat, so having higher constitution helps (remember that only every even number adds a +1 to dice rolls). Depending on your starting class, you can gain proficiency in Constitution at level1 (I believe the only 2 classes that have this are Fighter and Sorcerer). Additionally you can either take the Resilience: Constitution feat, which gives you +1 constitution and proficiency in Constitution saving throws, or take the War Caster feat which gives advantage on Constitution saving throws, and lets you cast Shocking Grasp against enemies moving away from you. Proficiency adds a scaling bonus to you roll based on level (Lvl 1 proficiency adds +2 to affiliated rolls, which goes up to +6 at max level), while advantage lets you roll two dice on the check and use the highest value one. Hope that helps!
By Anonymous
thx anon very big pp
By Anonymous
You could also try to either multiclass with paladin to lvl. 6 or have a character with 6lvls in paladin very close, since Paladins get an aura (I believe 1.5m) on lvl 6 that allows every ally within to add the paladins charisma modifier to all saving throws. Plus there is a fighting style that will allow a paladin with shield to use his reaction to impose disadvantage on an attacker if you are close enough.

Getting your armor class as high as possible can also help cause the you only need the saving throw if they actually hit you.
By Anonymous
hello, her is the best tips for a full day with this spell actif:
*talk to your favorite skeleton
*recruit the best looking mercenarie
*level him as a sorcerer and pick: magic weapon at lvl 3
then: twin spell it to your weapon user, and remove this person from the team. and you have a permanent +1->+3 buff.
By coredumperror
Comment above mine is wrong. As soon as you remove a character from your party, they stop concentrating, which will get rid of the Magic Weapon buff you just cast.
By Anonymous
How to target the offhand weapon of an ally with this spell? I've tried from Tab window and it doesn't work. I wanted to buff both of my hand crossbows with another support character.
By Anonymous
Ok i've been trying and testing things so replying to my last comment (just below) I was able to find 2 interesting facts about Magic Weapon:

1) You can apply it to dual weapons by aplying Magic weapon with one caster to your main hand (remember it needs concentration) then swapping the weapons (dragging and dropping on the opposite hand) without unequipping it and applying Magic weapon again with other caster. Basically it will always target your main hand but as long as you don't unequip it and mantain concentration the effect persists.

2) In my translation of the game it says it doesn't gain benefits by upscaling the spell lvl (it's a lvl 2 spell but you can upscale it to 3, 4, 5 etc.) but that isn't true, i found that upcasting this spell at lvl 4 gives you a +2 to all weapon rolls and damage. Now we're talking!

I can't cast spells above 4th circle for now, if anyone can confirm if it works at 5th or 6th level for a +3 that would be awesome.
Remember that it stacks with the inherent + lvl of the weapon: having a Natural +3 weapon (most legendaries) and using Magic Weapon upscaled would be a total of +6 to attack and damage rolls! Or +5 at the current 4th spell lvl i've been able to test it.
By Anonymous
Might this be fixed? upcasting doesnt do anything for me
By Anonymous
You can twin magic weapon and upcast it to Level 4 (+2 to attack/damage roll) or Level 6 (+3 to attack/damage roll). With bless/advantage and twinned cast of this on two front line warriors. Its a huge boon to accuracy. I went from 64% with advantage to 75% with advantage (Without any bless) on the first battle of Act 3 with Great weapon master enabled. Its pretty good now when twinned (But lets be honest. Twinned haste is much better). It does stack with Pact Weapon labeled weapons so that pact weapon automatically gets a +1 added to it which stacks with this and the weapons inherit bonus.

So you could in theory have a +6 weapon at Level 11. (Two fighters cast with this is just nuts, and negates the great weapon master if they can get advantage. You can just drink potion of heroism, and get perm bless and this and then with advantage you can negate any penalties of great weapon master.

But you can do both spec Wyll as Level 5 Sorc and he can twin haste you, and at Level 10 he can twin haste every short rest without expending Level 3 spell slots, and instead using warlock level 3 spell slots. (5 Warlock/5 Sorcerer). Then you can go to town clearing the Trash from the Map.