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By Anonymous
Just got this at lvl 28 and it makes Pulverize so much better
By Anonymous
This will not cause you to cast pulverize with Nature's Fury when using ether storm skill. Even though Pulverize gains the Earth tag.
By Anonymous
Does anyone know if this works in conjunction with "Shockwave Offensive Aspect"?
By Anonymous
It does indeed stack.
By Anonymous
I'm curious if anyone has the numbers for the [x] listed above, i've currently got 1020 damage on a one handed mace. Which is the most i've seen thus far. For those asking this will work with the shockwave aspect, i run this on mace and shockwave on totem. I'm aware 2hander would probably be better to run this specific enchant on or necklace but werebear's got so many earth based legendries it's hard to pick one over the the others, and i run trample's landslide on neck.

This with shockwave is rediculous, since shockwave can cause pulverize to hit twice (once being the slam and twice being the wave foward) it's very nice. Keep in mind though the shock wave is not pulverize itself and this legendary only effects the slam not the shockwave.

Something else to keep in mind for people going the earth bear route, this 2 sec dot both hits can proc the earthen might passive. Depending on spiritmax/cost you can stack multiple of this legenderies AOEs in one spot. Basicly in one full spirit, you have the chance to proc earthen 12 times (slam, shockwave, +2 ticks of aoe x fullspirit 3x cast) meaning you're way more likely to keep procing earthen with this set up. Not to mention with passives and Vasily's prayer (unique hat) you're pretty much at max fortify after one pulverize.