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By LordAnnihilator
Behold! The worst fishing implement in the game! Despite the fact its in the name!

For one thing, this spear is rather rare. You can only find it near big bodies of water, and I straight up have never encountered one that has a modifier - only the pre-set spawns at Lurelin Village or Eventide Islands cave (and the latter might be regular wooden spears, I don't remember and I don't care enough about this 4 damage waste of time to check).

You can't stab fish with it from a boat, and throwing it at fish is a waste. I don't even know if it floats, thats how many damns I give about this thing - and you should give no damns either, given it only has a single point of attack over the decayed Traveler's Spear, and that low an attack value is only worth it if you have literally nothing else or feel like using the least effective fishing implement as a weapon.

Use an arrow with a shock fruit on it to turn schools of fish into seafood feasts (or just throw it honestly), bombs still work but the lack of remote detonation and unlimited supply (seriously, you can very easily run low on Bomb Flowers pretty often) hurts their viability... or grab the fish yourself. There also exists a Yiga Clan Schematic for an honest-to-goodness Fishing Trawler. THe Fishing Harpoon is pointless, just like before, and it isn't even worth a meme use unless you want to stack them and try the worlds worst fishing minigame.