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By Anonymous
I got this and it had: +Physical dmg, +overpower dmg, +dmg to injured, +crit to injured, and +deathblow makes shockwave.
By Anonymous
Does it also give ranks to the deathblow skill?
By Anonymous
where you get it
By Anonymous
I also got this and got the same stats. I think the wiki is wrong.
By Anonymous
Just got it from a helltide event chest @lvl 85 barb WT4. Can confirm the wiki is wrong. Physical dmg, overpower dmg, dmg to injured, crit vhance
By Anonymous
Just picked this up, was stoked but then noticed it rolled almost entirely the lowest possible stats lol
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By BlueSammy
I got this as a Druid, what the, I used it for a bit as a holder for some overpower dmg.
By Anonymous
Well.. as all unique weapon .... missing main stat kill it. I used it on an Ancien Hammer build.. its fun for Death Blow but it kill Hammaer damage so it make it .... bad.