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By Anonymous
How do you even start this quest?
By Anonymous
It took a few hours to figure out but I solved it last night with the help of some friends. (World first? :D) First go back to the Gates to Hell for some clues. There are 3 plaques with hints on where you have to go. I'll save you some time and let you know that you're looking for 3 statues in Kehjistan to emote at. You'll know you found the right ones because they light up once you do. Completing the puzzle opens a portal to a small non-repeatable dungeon. The reward is the title Triune Trouble, good luck!
- teenbro#1703
By Anonymous
One of said statues is in Altar of ruins, in front of Sepulcher of The Forsworn Dungeon
By Anonymous
One other is in Shrine of Terror in Southern Expanse in between the Dungeons Hakan's Refuge And Conclave
By Anonymous
Any Idea where the 3rd statue is?
By Anonymous
Last one is just north of Denshar buried in the sand