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By Anonymous
is it per hit or per use ? it's not working on tornado
By Anonymous
Is Hurricane a Core skill suddenly?
By Anonymous
only tier 2 drop?
By Anonymous
I just got one, world tier 3, level 62
By Anonymous
100% just had it drop on World Tier 1
By Anonymous
dropped it on world tier 1.
By Anonymous
any ideas how to get more of these rings ?
By Anonymous
They drop in nightmare dungeons. Just got one at level 62
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By Feels
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Is it always guaranteed to be a perfect 40%? The one she dropped for me is a perfect 40, so I'm just wondering.
By Anonymous
i got the worst
By Anonymous
I got the worst as well lol
By Anonymous
Is it good for pulevirize?
By Anonymous
Yes, use that in a group and yay
By Anonymous
Ring can drop from Nightmare Dungeons. Had one drop as an ancestral, world tier 4, 35% instead of 40%.
By Anonymous
Just picked up a 804 version of this on my Barb, but from all my searches can't find anyone making use of it on this class :/
By Anonymous
Whirlwind build maybe?
By Anonymous
Hota kite a bunch of enemies, pop shouts lunge then spam hota