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By Reiku
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Diablo 4 Necromancer Build Guide – The Blightlord Diablo 4 Endgame Build specializes in dealing massive Shadow DoT and raising deadly Minions.

By Frostiness
Helpful guide indeed! Am loving mobbing all the mobs to death with a horde of undead!

Would just like to add that I found a fairly useful unique item for this (and other corpse explosion using builds), they are sacred gloves called "Howl from Below", and their unique property adds % damage to corpse explosion damage, and turns them into sprinting self-exploding corpses that seek the closest (I think) enemy to blow up. Helpful for when corpses are spread around and would otherwise leave puddles laying about that are less than helpful :D

Ah, found the page for the very item here :)

By Lunarclipse
This build is really fun! Is there a d4builds.gg link for this build? Nice to look at builds condensed for easier absorption.
What about Paragon board? Can you show more of it?
By Rizzorian
Loving this build currently. But where did you place the last 3 Skill points that you get from Renown? You only accounts for 55 out of the 58 points. Not sure where to place those last 3 to get the most out of them. Would "Fueled by Death" be a good choice since we're constantly consuming corpses? Or should we go with something for more survivability like more points in "Necrotic Carapace" or "Gruesome Mending"?

And as someone else mentioned, I also wouldn't mind see more specifics on the paragon board.
By Sathurex
Hi, man what should i do, dont have slot for all skills.
1 Iron Maiden.
2 golen.
3 decay.
4 bone storm
5 corpse explode.
6 reap.
7 Sumon skeloton