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By Anonymous
I have a spare. Does anyone know what I can do with it? Is it ultra rare? Does D4 have an auction house? My battle.net id is rtpr#1605.
By Anonymous
Message rtpr#1605 on battle.net if you need this.
By Anonymous
Has anyone gotten an ancestral version of this to drop? All I keep seeing are sacred, even in world tier 4.
By Anonymous
I just got an ancestral version Item level 813, I'm level 74, not sure if that's a factor also
By Anonymous
U need lvl 74
By Anonymous
Looks like the ancestral version of this has a range of

+14.0 - 28.0% Lightning Damage
+14.0 - 28.0% Fire Damage
+14.0 - 28.0% Cold Damage
By Anonymous
Hasn't dropped after kllling the elite (all 3). Is the droprate somehow low?