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By Anonymous
This is laughably bad. Was playing as a Cleric of Latender and had to pass TWO FOKEN CHECKS, for investigation and religion - both of which require int btw, a dump stat for clerics, to notice what this an amulet of A GOD I FOKEN SERVE! Best rpg of all time, ladies and gentlemen
By Anonymous
Turns out that your Cleric knew nothing of the religion they were supposed to serve. Low Intelligence indeed.
By Anonymous
Report it as a bug?
By Anonymous
Just like in real life.
By Anonymous
One missed opportunity out of thousands of lines of dialogue that were written, approved, the voice recorded.
By Anonymous
This monk guy has special dialogue if you carry him and his amulet to the Creche in the Rosymorm Monastery lol.
He's apparently a follower of Lathander, I took some screenshots of his dialogue and it goes like this:

Near the broken and obscure statue at the bottom of the Monastery: "Beloved Morninglord! I must request thee of a reverential reverie. HeheHEEEEE!" , "I visited this place in a forlorn and forgotten age, to lay mine eyes upon the Blood of Lathander"

On the Secret Chamber reaching the true Blood of Lathander: " The Blood of Lathander, as I barely live and hardly breathe. HahaHAhaha."

Funniest sht is that I made Astarion wear it, and first time the dialogue sounded I thought it was *him* speaking like that lmao
By Anonymous
If you're trying to talk to the amulet for the first time outside of the ancient forge, try going back to the ancient forge and talk to it there. I had to do that in my run. Unlocked it in camp while in a different area, had to fast travel back to the ancient forge to talk to it
By Anonymous
Misty step FTW