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No, Fextralife, please no Nintendo games!
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why are you so mean, Nintendo games did nothing to you
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im glad they put this here, every other Zelda TOTK wiki blows. i use fextra for all my souls needs, happy to see them include my all time favorite series aside from souls
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Thanks for the guide but one thing is wrong. We can repair our weapons, bow and shields. Like in Botw you just need to find an "Octorock", that's a monster near the death mountain or goron village. You just need to drop your weapon between you and the monster he will take a breath and eat your weapon after that he gonna throw the weapon on you. You just need to take your weapon back and she will be upgrade (random upgrade) + full repair. An moster can repair/upgrade only one item after that you need to kill him and wait the moon stone to do it again. At this day a found 11 octorock near the death mountain and Goron village. So thats a way to repair 11 times your weapon for each moon stone.
Also you can find Octorock location easily with google or with the map detector IG.

Hope that gonna help, see ya and thanks again for your job that's awesome !
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Holy cow, it repairs their durability!! Thank Hylia!