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By Anonymous
inprint are a one time thing, right?
By Anonymous
You can imprint multiple times from the codex of power, but one time per aspect that you extract from a legendary item.
By Anonymous
yes for aspects removed from other items. You also cannot remove the aspect from an imprinted item.
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By Edakswl
Will this all be updated in the new season or not?
By Anonymous
I just got a weapon with a Druid Aspect not yet listed in the wiki. Offensive Aspect of Nature's Savagery - Werewolf skills function as Storm skills and Werebear skills function as Earth skills for the Nature's Fury Key Passive. Available for 1H, 2H (+100% power), Gloves, Amulet (+50% power), Ring.
By Anonymous
Please can you add stats explanation? Min-Max and the [x] what stands for?
By Anonymous
Frenzied dead only proc on golem or all minions?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Can I imprint the same skill on two items and use them at the same time to stack? Like "Consuming a corpse increase the damage of your next core skill 7% up to 35%"" Necro
By Anonymous
No one cancels out the other... the weaker one appears greyed out