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Thank you!
By BugsDLeather
FYI, you may visit a location on that map that displays a chest but once you get there, you cannot find it. I think this may be due to story progression or how much you've explored the area. For example, the map shows a chest just outside a dungeon which I cannot find. Once I complete the dungeon or a side quest near that chest location, the chest will be in that spot. So, the chest / item is there but "not at that point in time, if you cannot locate it".
By D4wnD3stroy3r
The Altar of Lilith east of Tree of Whispers waypoint, 159, 193, is marked incorrectly on the map. It's slightly further East at -158, 191
By D4wnD3stroy3r
Altar of Lilith at -170, 209 is actually at -172, 211
By Anonymous
the altar of lilith east of the "Under the Fat Goose Inn" waypoint is incorrect. Look slightly further east along the same path, located -82, 185
By Astrodummie
New member here, why cant i make the map fullscreen?
By Anonymous
seems like the button in missing for some? using edge (tried without addons too)
By Anonymous
in my experience using this map the Alters of Lilith are all slightly off, use them as a guide to search the general area. Hint: keep an eye on the outline of terrain on the mini map, usually they are set into a small indent or path
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By Fexelea
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You are purple so your VIP processed properly, Make sure to clear your cache / fextralife cookies as it's possible your browser is serving you outdated information (browsers do this to save you bandwidth, they "save" parts of the websites you visit to your local cache)
By Marcalitus
I am not too sure if I am missing something, but some of "chest" locations do not even have chests in them and I look all around for them. Anyone have a clue why?
By Anonymous
Missing one lilith statue in Northshore, its on the shore east of Sunken Ruins dungeon.