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By Anonymous
Will clans persist after the beta?
By Anonymous
Are special characters allowed in Clan name?
By Anonymous
Some special characters. I used the character map to add some to my clan name and found that some work and others don't. You'll have to experiment and see what it will accept.
By ShawnC
Is there a way to access your clan while you on your phone or ipad like instead of the game? A question google couldn't answer so i doubt if anyone can answer it. Thanks
By Anonymous
As of today, no
By Anonymous
not the i know of, i just usually remote play to my ps5 if inned to edit on the go
By Anonymous
May want to update - clans do not have a shared bank, as far as I know. Unless this was announced to be coming later?
By Anonymous
I was just coming here to ask about this!
By Anonymous
They did send an email stating a shared bank would be part of clans.