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By Anonymous
Can we see the list of our stored special effects before starting embedding ? Can't find it in game..
By Anonymous
This page is wrong. I used to be able to embed more abilities into armour, but now I can't embed those abilities anymore. And not the one-use jewels, the theoretically infinite ones.

There's more to it, though I can't tell how it actually works yet. You don't get abilities available permanently.
By Anonymous
Some traits have to be "collected" and have a finite number. Take 'Damage Light Load' for example. If you want to apply that to multiple weapons, then you need to find that trait multiple times from different other weapons and strip the trait through salvage.

By Anonymous
I noticed that you can have only one of the Damage Special Effects, Defensive or Restorative Special Effects and Support Special Effects icon.
Having one of them on a piece of equipment will block the same type on other slots
By Anonymous
More precisely, we can have multiple small dots attributes, but only one red arrow, blue arrow and green arrow attribute per equipment.
By Anonymous
Absolutely sucks that there is no way to craft equipment like in Nioh. You're 100% dependent on RNG meaning that you'll have to grind for possibly hours in order the get what you want if you're after something specific.
By Anonymous
Interestingly enough, gear has a hidden power roll for every stat slot. Meaning that you can take every slot out of a specific piece of gear and check the power of each slot to determine which slot you want your best stats in. Idk if rarity has an effect on it as well, but i assume so. I use the qi/copper obtention stats to check the power personally.