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By Anonymous
Gg zhang liang generale del popolo
By Anonymous
The info is wrong. They eat anything even accessories and give you an accessories with the same rarity back.
So drop a 4 star and get a 4 star back.
By Anonymous
Drop 9 Jewel Fragments and get guaranteed 4 star and almost guaranteed 5 star.
By Anonymous
They can be interacted with again if you reload the mission.
By Anonymous
In one of the last submisions I give accesorie rare 4 and I recived a rare 5, to take in consideration.
By pollidipollonia
I noticed if you feed them with 9 Jewel Fragments, they will ALWAYS give you a 4 star accessory, and a 5 star one in NG+
By Anonymous
With 10 they Will give a 5 star in normal
By Anonymous
I gave 11 in normal, still gave 4 star, it seems to be the limit
By Anonymous
they gave 5* with 9 jewel once i completed the crouching dragon and opened the 5 star difficulty
By Anonymous
No idea which ones I've found and which ones I've missed. Will have to re-visit all levels where they are to track them all down. Same deal for the golden cicada shells.
By Anonymous
this is a wiki not your facebook page
By Anonymous
Probably too late for you, but if anyone else is reading this, you can see in which missions you still need to find them when selecting missions, just look at the icons under the thumbnail, if you missed something, it'll be greyed out
By Anonymous
Good area to farm is in search of the immortal wizard. Rest at the flag before the demon then drop, don't like your item return to title screen then continue. Reloads same flag with fresh panda
By Anonymous
And I also noticed dropping specific armours and weapons will drop you back specific accessory types. My eg. dropping a 4 star nameless garb +8 always seems to drop an imperial seal accessory. Suggests specific item drop lists.
By Anonymous
it's annoying not being able to keep track of whether all bears were fed from the level select screen. Nor does the relevant NPC ever give you any hints about remaining bears.
There's little minor "anti-QOL" issues like this throughout Wo Long. Hopefully they'll be remedied in a later patch like what happened with Nioh.
By Anonymous
That's not true. There is an icon on the mission blurb window on the level select. Grayed-out=haven't found all of them.
By Anonymous
they added a feature where you can see on the map selection what collectibles you are missing