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By Anonymous
There only 19 in list
By Anonymous
The last one is beneath the fanatic himself in the hidden village, as mentioned in the article.
By Anonymous
i found 21 in total
By Anonymous
Kinda strange, got my trophy during my first playtrough (the addicted guy disappeared from the Hidden Village) but still managed to gather an additional Golden Cicada Shell during my NG+ run.
By Anonymous
There’s 21 cicada in total. You should have an extra one if you found everything.
By Timmy_Gun
The Peculiar Inner Elixir rewarded for this questline is an Accessory with the fixed Special Effect 'HP Restoration from Wizardry Spell Damage'.
By Anonymous
"If the fanatic doesn't disappear, try talking to him and going back to the Battle Flag."

that did it for me.
By Anonymous
I picked up a shell in a mission yet after I finished the mission, it said I never picked it up. Is it just a graphical glitch?