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By Anonymous
im geussing this is all of the ''covenants'' we see in game having theyre story continued, the burned erdtree is possibly being taken over by godwyns death root and miquella/St trinas eclipse has come aswell, im hoping its something to do with those two anyways
By Anonymous
Miquella being Torrent's former master could have some lore-shattering, no just straight up plot-shattering implications. It might mean he worked together with Ranni, who orchestrated the death of his "dear brother," and maybe Melina as well. This would be something basically no one had speculated.

Did Miquella plan everything that transpired? Were we doing his bidding all along? Did he see Ranni as the only one capable of removing Outer Gods from the Lands Between? Was that why Malenia fought Radahn? What the hell is even going on in this game's story?

I guess we'll eventually find out. since I expect this expansion to be much more like Old Hunters than Ashes of Ariandel/The Ringed City, where it ties up remaining plot threads rather than introduce something completely new. By the same token, I also expect that we'll find out more about the first wave of Tarnished that returned to the Lands Between, like Vagram, Tragoth or Istvan.

Some really exciting stuff. And I think we'll have a lot of revelations that not many people expect. "Shadow of the Erdtree" certainly is mysterious enough of a title to warrant that hope, it sounds like something very insidious was hidden from us all along.
By Anonymous
There should really be a good ending for the expansion. But knowing From, the world would probably be worse off at the end of the expansion lol.
By Anonymous
Knowing From? I'd argue that the dlc for ds1, ds3, and bloodborne all had good endings. In dark souls 1 you rescue dusk, kill manus and stop the spread of the abyss at Oolacile, your actions becoming the legend that people associate with the hero Artorias. In Dark Souls 3, both DLC might seem a little bleak at first, but they acknowledge that the current world is stagnating and nothing good can come from endlessly prolonging it, instead opting for something new and giving hope for a better future. Finally, in Bloodborne you straight up end the literal in game hell that is the hunter's nightmare.
By Anonymous
My speculation , this is post erdtree burn , with miquella comeback of his slumber
By Anonymous
Miquella is cool and all but I'm more excited to get more Godwyn lore/ a boss fight. As the first of Marika's kids he had to be important not to mention incredibly powerful.
By Anonymous
He's the third, the omen twins came first
By Anonymous
Where is it stated that Godwyn was the third? Fia says "when the FIRST OF THE DEMIGODS died (not, "the first demigod who died")" plus Godrick is either Godwyn's son or descendant and he appears to be the same age as Morgott which places Godwyn as older
By Anonymous
Could the painting called "prophecy" have anything to do with this?
By Anonymous
A tip for new fromsoftware players, start the dlc with your first playthrough if you haven't finished or create and strengthen a new character if you already have.
Playing DLCs on NG+ can be a difficult and frustrating in any Soulsborne game for any fan! I hope this saved some headaches.
By Anonymous
I plan on playing the DLC at NG+2, NG and NG+ feel too easy once you’re fully kitted out.
By Anonymous
I usually agree, but I can't abandon my lvl 255 battlemage character. I'm going raw! Let's hope Tiche can take it.
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By Marsawd
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Interestingly enough, NG+1 is a very easy experience (for a lot of reasons). Could be fun to try it that way, but simultaneously it might not be a 'true' experience of the game's DLC.
By Anonymous
I wonder what ending the dlc will be based/contingent on
By Anonymous
none, never has been the case in previous games, the dlcs just add more things without actual changes to the current endings.
By Anonymous
nah they will make a separate dlc just for a single set of horse armour, that doesn't change torrent's stats, and you have to pay 500 runes to get it ingame (it just works)
By Anonymous
There really is no need, Torrent is fine as is
By Anonymous
This dude really asking to pay for horse armor, we Oblivion now boys
By Anonymous
This is what WoW does to a mf.
By Anonymous
Still waiting for Queen Marika's an updated autopsy report.
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