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By Anonymous
STR wizard ofc. Fists are much faster than pronounce weird spells
By Anonymous
Greatsword build with full STR and rolling to dodge spells > all
By Anonymous
hmm nice
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
how long until players make their own build guides that make this one irrelevant and completely break the game
By Slomoshun
I mean...theres no pvp to nerf the "flavor of the month" attack. So unless there is one single spell that just melts everything in sight hat wants to wear your skin like a sorting hat, it really doesn't matter.

I already hear tons of chill complaints from people saying that fighting more than one enemy at a time is hard so I imagine we're probably going to see some nerfs to appease a vocal group of slackers that need to git gud and learn to mitigate.
By Anonymous
Looking at the skills and spells, I can really think of anything all that exploitable tbh.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
thank you sooo muchh
By Anonymous
Thanks you soo much!