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By Anonymous
Why are they keeping keyboard controls in secrecy?????? I just want to knowwwwww
By Anonymous
I don’t know
By Anonymous
Why are the sticks different from any game ever played??!? Left stick needs to be movement and right needs to be aim. I am completely backwards on movement! Is there a fix for this?
By Anonymous
I has the same problem with you I can't fix it. I try.
By Anonymous
is there a way to change the controls so that the r stick moves avatar and the L stick moves camera
By Anonymous
Yes there is, in accessibility options. You can also swap the dpad, face buttons, and triggers to make the whole thing left handed if you want
By Anonymous
I just want to know PC basic gameplay controls...like how to pause
By Anonymous
Pause for me is the Esc, or T buttons
By Anonymous
So for PC only when you learn a new spell there are buttons you must press before learning. What are they? I see the F, and Space button, but I dont recognize the other buttons. Of course I can't find a vid on it anywhere. Just tell me the button order for each spell. It is appreciated.
Ex. F, space, space for spell X.
By Anonymous
mouse buttons?
Imagine releasing a game without the ability to rebind controller inputs.