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By Anonymous
Gryffindor = Ubermensch
Hufflepuff = Rejects
Ravenclaw = NPCs
Slytherin = The evil one
By Anonymous
Slytherin house design for "darker" atmosphere might affect student's mental health. that's why this house produce more dark wizards
By Anonymous
They are also forced to live in the castle dungeon. Unsurprising that they all get mad at what the world has done to them.
By Anonymous
Pros: You are the Übermensch; Impenetrable plot armor
Cons: None

Pros: None
Cons: You are a reject; Special needs wizard house; Not even Ravenclaw wants you

Pros: You aren't in Hufflepuff
Cons: You are nothing special; You are a boring NPC

Pros: You are a cool villain like Tom Riddle; Torture curse and killing curse
Cons: Gryffindor will kick your arse
By Anonymous
Slytherin was kicking Griffindor's *** until Harry Potter come
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By SilentSynthesis
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I mean, that's how it is in the books isn't it?
By Anonymous
Posted by a real NPC, if you would have the slightest idea about the lore, you would know that Slytherin is not evil and had a lot of heroes and the most powerful wizard ever existed was a Slytherin he would wash the entire universe alone without even moving.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Booo... Badger Boooooo
By Anonymous
HUFFLEPUFF is the best house ever!