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By Anonymous
Hoping to try the game soon! Looks amazing!
By SoyGaspy
Buenas tardes. My name is Gaspar Schlamp.
I am 26 (almost 27) years old.
I've been a Harry Potter fan since I was very young.
I've read all the books, I've seen all the movies, I do daily research on the magical world and so on.
I am currently a Streamer with +14k followers.
I would like to know if there is the possibility of being part of the partnership with Hogwarts Legacy.
Greetings from Argentina. <3
By Anonymous
Hello! i am hoping i win cause this looks and feels like an awesome game.
By Anonymous
DrAGON queST DragON QUESt drAGon QUesT DRAgoN QuEsT!!!
By Prathamesh
Hello! I'm crossing my fingers cause this is an awesome-looking game.
By Gear95
Yes!!!! I've been expecting it for a lot of time
By Anonymous
Good luck guys
By Anonymous
By Anonymous