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By Anonymous
mine disapears after i teleported within the mushroom circle
By Anonymous
It's because you took them to the surface. They wilted.
By Anonymous
shoving it into a container such as a backpack you picked up keeps it fresh no matter where you go
By Anonymous
Confirmed on 8/8/23
By Anonymous
10/08/2023: For me it didnt work. Put the Flowers in a "Bewildering Adventures Backpack" and that Bag into a "Backpack". As soon as i teleported to the blighted Village all my 3 flowers turned into wilted petals.
Did some further testing:
- Putting it in the Clothing Cest didn't work as well as the normal Backpack.
- Putting it in the "Chest of the Mundane" will let you keep the Flower as it will turn into an ordinary object. But the Flower will lose its Anti-Magic Propertise, even if you take it out of the Chest again. So will only get a useless flower.
Well guess here goes my Anti-Magic-Barb :((
By Anonymous
taking it into camp in the under dark counts as the surface and wilts it
By wman3
shoving it into a container such as a backpack NO LONGER WORKS, with full release of the game.
By Anonymous
The flower does NOT render enemies unable to cast magic, at least no the Duergar by the lake in the Underdark. Gekh Coal is quite capable of casting.
By Anonymous
Thought the same as a Duergar was "casting" Invisibility. Checked the Combat Log later and as it turned out it was a Class Action. Class Actions don't count as spells.
Might be the same case.
By Elhonna
Worked to block Filro casting when I fought him with Karlach holding the Sussur Flowers.
By Anonymous
Already got the bark but I eliminated all the flowers including those in the tower garden, where can I possibly find some extra ones to activate the elevator?
By Anonymous
same thing here, i wonder if there is any other way to find sussur bloom again...
By Anonymous
Well, nowhere. Unless the Gnome sells them in the myconid colony, I dont remember.
Explored everything in underdark finally, and found them only on two places...Just loot it next time and sell or send to camp :D
By Anonymous
In your next playthrough
By Anonymous
wilted as soon as you take the elevator, backpacked or not. Only works within the "underdark" prefix maps
By Anonymous
Send to camp option also wilts it. Note that you can however put the item in your chest in the underdark camp, and it won’t wilt on the surface, as long as you don’t remove it from the chest.
By Anonymous
I wilthered in the camp chest either way, even though i did not leave the underdark. i guess camp still counts as surface either way
By Anonymous
If you bring this flower onto the first floor of the arcane tower near the chest of the mundane it will transform items inside into random magic items
By Anonymous
Cuz the chest itself is magic
By Anonymous
You can just loot the mundane items and they'll turn into their real form - don't need the flower
By Anonymous
Druid received an inspiration when using the flower. Not sure if you still get this if you just loot the items.
By Anonymous
The flower does not transform the items in the chest. The chest itself turns the items inside into mundane objects. Bringing the flower to the chest just blocks the chests magic. But as other have pointed out you can just take objects out of the chest and they transform back.
By Anonymous
Understandable mistake but yeah chest of mundane is a special chest that turns any item placed within to look like common items such as cutlery. So the items found within said chest you saw were always there all you had to do was take out the cutlery and they'd turn back into their original form.

Granted it is interesting that the sussar bloom also nullifies the effect the chest of the mundane has which is very well done by the developers.