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By Anonymous
Want to be an oathbreaker? Just play the game! You'll break your oath accidentally in no time.
By Anonymous
You have no idea how right you are :D The magic of DnD chaos.
By Anonymous
I just broke my oath of Ancients by freeing Sazza in the Druid Cove.
By Anonymous
As a Devotion paladin I tried to rush through to get Oathbreaker as quickly as I could as is stated in the wiki and got nothing. Lied to the tieflings, let the goblin die in camp, attacked the bandits at the ruined temple unprovoked so there no way of knowing yet whether or not they're friendly, attacked the scared boar, and nothing happened. But when I shot a random tiefling with a crossbow the event triggered. Don't know what's not letting the event go through with the supposed options listed here but whatever it is it's pretty annoying.
By Anonymous
The "How do I become one" section currently implies that betraying the Tieflings when rescuing Lae'zel only breaks your oath if you're Devotion, but I'm an Ancients and just got Oathbreaker for that.
By Anonymous
Kill Fezzerk after Wyll interrogates him breaks the oath of devotion?
By Anonymous
Nope. Did it, and my oath is not broken.
By Anonymous
Allowing the Tiefling Girl (Kanon's sister) to kill the caged goblin Sazza will break the oath of devotion as you are allowing her to kill a defenseless being.
By Anonymous
Might be a silly question: are there ways in game to break your oath but not in an evil way? I play a Drow Paladin (for roleplay sake, not gameplay wise obviously) but want to play heavily on the "evil exterior but actually chaotic good", so yeah, any suggestions?
By Anonymous
I was an oath of devotion and went to the underdark and to the ancient forge. We conviced the duregar that are there when you arrived to not attack us, but then my buddy tried killing the scrying eye flying around and ended up getting into an encounter with them, so I joined to help him out. When I killed one of the duregar the "Oath broken" appeared and I got the cutscene. I don't consider what I did evil, because I would say duregar that enslaves deep gnomes and cooperates with true souls are evil, and killing them is for the greater good, but apparently that made me an oathbreaker. I accepted this though and am currently running through the game as an oathbreaker in character still trying to do everything for the greater good.
By Anonymous
Oath of Ancients Paladin can break their oath by helping Mayrina revive her husband after dealing with the hag sidequest. Technically you are using a hag's magic to create an undead abomination and unleashing it upon the world (so it makes sense that this counts as oath-breaking), but in the context of the situation I feel it's a pretty solid way to make a "good" oathbreaker. All she wants is her husband back, undead or not, and it *is* conceivable that she could find some method of true resurrection in Baldur's gate after you help her. I haven't tested if Oath of Devotion can oath-break this way as well, but I would imagine so since unleashing undead on the world is pretty anti-paladin behavior no matter what oath you've sworn.
By Anonymous
I did not see any comment about what happens if you kill the Oathbreaker Knight when he appears in your camp.
Its not really worth it to be honest - see below if you dont want to kill the knight yourself


Took out the knight as soon as i swapped to oathbreaker at level 3 - Tough fight, but Gale and Lae'zel did work as NPCs
Knight had 192 hp and 2 attacks - pretty tough, but with shadows pocket heals & astarion chucking potions we managed.
Knight failed his save for dreadful aspect - then Lae'zel was able to crit a trip shot with her crossbow - then crit a disarming attack with her great axe - rendering the knight almost useless

After killing him - the party gained 90 xp - and he had a +1 Greatsword & 3 javelins - nothing more, nothing less

I am currently level 4 and about to venture into the underdark - and the only effect killing the knight had on the game is that i can now no longer swap back to oath of the ancients
By Anonymous
Killing the owlbear with the cub will break the oath of ancients