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By Anonymous
I play at RL150 and feel like getting Rank 5 in Duels wasn't all that hard, and my build is fairly simple (STR/FTH - Colossal sword, Golden Land AoW, Erdtree Greatshield, Elden Stars, Golden Vow). Wonder what the exact ranking system is? I do win a lot but also lose/stalemate my fair share.

Additionally feel From should've at least given us a Rune Arc or something as a reward for jumping rank or getting a win streak to make it more incentivized. Still lots of fun either way
By Anonymous
Only join combat ordeals. Duels ain't worth anyone's time. Leave that sweat in ds3 where it belongs.
By Anonymous
Only active gamemode is duels, and its the same 5 sweatlords over and over. Sometimes you'll get a fun off-meta fight without someone sweating through their asscheeks to win in an unranked game.
By Anonymous
I was wondering if there was any benefit to winning these but nope, just a shiny PNG. So many tryhards out there sweating in their full bull-goats, spamming spells n' **** for nothing. Hilarious.
By Anonymous
It’s about having fun, playing a game all of us love
By Anonymous
6 months later and its already dead. Fromsoft is quite possibly the most incompetent triple A developer when it comes to netplay.
By Zerfallen
wdym dead, im getting a match in under a minute and with mostly different players (odd 1 or 2 same people)
By Anonymous
You'll really only ever get duels, sadly. Combat ordeals and united combat with multiple people are very fun but you just never see it. And god forbid you want to do a spirit ash battle.
By Anonymous
Fromsoftware needs to fix their hitboxes and servers.... I'm not lying when I say that for 1/3 of my death the weapon isn't making contact with me, and in some cases there is a good 50cm between me and the blade of the opponent -_-
By Anonymous
they need a better server for this