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By Anonymous
In Bladesmiths Workshop is another
By Anonymous
is this accurate? ive just cleared everything up to leapers smile and only have 1 magic essence and cant remember where i got it so either reliable redoubt or nightingale doesnt have one because i rechecked those areas and even used toybox to show hidden and theres nothing, there is a yellow interactable crate that shows up when highlighted at reliable redoubt but i cant actually click on it.
By Senok13
There are some highlighted container, what you cannot click, when it's highlighted, as it's partially "hidden" by the background's pixels, so you need find the accurate position, when it's highlighted without 'active perception'. Then you can click on it. (I found a similar book in Chilly Creek, which was on the table, i saw it, yet wasn't able to pick up until i had to go back there, and as just brought the cursor through the table to click on the necessary NPC, i saw for a moment to pop up the 'pick up' option. It took me about another 20 minutes, to find that point again.)
By Anonymous
At the end of the cave of Shrine of Sacrilege is a magic essence on a skeleton hidden with a DC 30 Perseption check
By Anonymous
What about the one in the nexus mine?