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By aerohead88
Hello FextraLife (or admins),

I got an email from someone claiming to be FextraLife. Looks like he/she is using the Telegraph app and is offering prizes (my "prize" was a PS5 and an iPhone-13 Pro) and is asking for $$$ for shipping. (Like, he can afford a PS5 and iPhone 13 but he can't afford to ship them?!? I can provide screenshots if you need them.

Anyway, I was hoping that you could provide a warning to your viewers b/c this suspected scammer was very convincing. I'd hate for someone to learn about scamming the hard way.

Take care...
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By Fexelea
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There are many such scams for most content creators nowadays. Our accounts always only contact people via our own domain email or our public Twitter, etc.

There's no way to warn everyone about all the possible scams that people try, but you can help us by reporting the accounts that contact you to their platforms