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The blog post says "collectibles" but that's misleading. Mosaic pieces are collectibles, but they don't sync. I also wouldn't consider schematics collectibles, but they do sync, at least most of them.
NOTE: You may need to sync multiple times, not everything comes over in one go. If you start by syncing playthrough #1 (PT1) and save, and then switch to PT2 and sync and save, then load the new save from PT1 and sync again (you'll pick up items from PT2 that weren't in PT1) and save, and then finally load the new save from PT2 and sync one more time, you may get some additional items from PT1 that you didn't get before.

These I'm sure of, since I synced them from my 1st PT (main quest + JoH completed) to my 3rd (nothing completed).
  • Schematics that are Tier 2 and higher
  • Recipes
  • Some Skyhold Customizations: Nursery Seeds, Windows, Thrones, Beds, but see below
  • Some Mounts (see below)
These definitely do not sync (tested on PC, other platforms YMMV):
  • Astrariums
  • Bottles of Thedas
  • Dragons
  • Regions
  • Landmarks
  • Songs
  • Shards
  • Mosaic pieces
Different people are getting different results for these:
  • Some Skyhold Customizations: Banners (did not sync on PC for me, but others are syncing)
  • Some Mounts: Exotics (did not sync on PC for me, but others are syncing)
Note the Skyhold Customizations that can only be purchased, not found, like Drapes, Windows, Heraldry, don't sync, since you have access to all of them in all playthroughs, DLCs notwithstanding.

How syncing works vs. saves
There is a Golden Nug in Haven and in Skyhold.

The Golden Nug is like a Shared Storage Chest that can only store the items listed above. This Shared Storage Chest is available to all Inquisitors in all play-throughs. You have to have at least one play-through that completed the main quest in the main game. Use that Inquisitor for the first sync. From that point on, the Golden Nug is available to all Inquisitors, including the same one in the past or the future.

The most typical usage is to sync all of your characters from their most recent saves for the benefit of the newest character, or one you just created. Once they get to Haven, they have access to all the lucky rolls and purchases and farming all of your other characters did.

But there are other ways to use the Golden Nug.

Say you find a good schema after WEWH. You can sync it and then reload from a save before WEWH, sync, and have that schematic for a redo of WEWH. Or, more of an exploit, you can load an earlier save that has lots of gold, buy schemas from merchants like BE, sync, then do not save. Reload the same earlier save and buy something else and sync, do not save, reload. Repeat as many times as you like. Then load a later save, sync, and you get all those items for free.



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