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By Anonymous
A flawed but pretty fun game. Wish they'd had a bigger budget. The game feels like a mix of Dark Souls, System Shock 2, with a touch of Lovecraftian influence(think Bloodborne for a soulslike reference) as well as a tiny Unreal atmosphere feel here and there.
By Anonymous
Because saying that it is original it's too hard, I guess
By Anonymous
We sincerely need more actual info about this game. Ever cyanging world? How? Every time I die I see the same enemies positioned in the same way, idem for objects.

What is and how does the boss influence work?

The game SERIOUSLY should have some tutorial menù with extra infos
By Anonymous
I can't believe I'm just finding out about this game. Big souls fan and this definitely scratches that itch. These devs had a goal and achieved it in my opinion. You'll have to research the internet to find out certain things but isn't that mystery part of the challenge!!!