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By Anonymous
The saddest ones are the albinaurics imprisoned in the little devices, but also most annoying. They scream and alert every enemy in the area
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THANK YOU whoever updated this page you're so cool
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there's a cocooned albinauric prop at haligtree too
By Anonymous
The insane variant of these are annoying as hell if you don't kill them fast.
By Anonymous
Insane Albinaurics are the #1 most annoying enemy. Really terrible design. Don't kill them immediately? Unblockable grab, 80% health gone. Terrible.
By Anonymous
or incantations like aspect of the crucible: tail. That things ability to break the poise of every enemy withing 10 metres carried me through my first run.
By astrix
Try fingers, but hole?
By Anonymous
If you manage to sneak up on an Albinauric Mage in Caria manor, the mages can be heard muttering the following phrases/prayers (Voice lines are randomly cut short, only occasionally being played in full)
"We speak to those who've forsaken us to this world"
"all stars, all night, ALL fate"
"Is there a way that she'll be able t'be forgiven? [inhale] no."
"one serve her living thing"
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I wonder, are they speaking about marika or ranni?
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By SunbleachedAngel
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literally the "male vs female characters in video games" meme incarnate
By Anonymous
maybe the men and women are simply indistinguishable upon first glance, like elves but with all life stages