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By Anonymous
Was wondering, do they stack with dereliction?
By Anonymous
I see many people combining both dereliction and mail of hellfire in speedruns so i guess they do. Either that or people are going insane
By Anonymous
Dereliction has Blue giving attack and Red giving element, while Hellfire Mail makes Blue give element and Red give attack.

They do stack, but won*t be peak-efficient unless you're running it as support on a elemental build.
By Anonymous
Does mail of hellfire boost status build up too?
By Anonymous
I guess must be, doesn't make a lick of sense if it doesn't empower its own/Scorned Magna's weapons.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Can the defense down be cured with an armorskin or an adamant seed?
By Pax
It can't be "cured", but you can add extra defense on your build to offset the effect. For example, Defense Boost 7 will provide about 100 defense on an endgame build and is relatively easy to gem in, and other skills like Defiance or Embolden will help as well.

Other effects during the hunt will also help, like Armorskin and Adamant Seed like you said, and also Hunting Horn buffs and Clothfly, etc.

If you're really worried, consider Divine Blessing and eating Dango Defender (Hi), but those are both % chance. Don't forget to upgrade your armor!
By Anonymous
why is this over agitator 3 from onmyo ateobi ?