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cant wait to see the ranks posted here
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“Ultimately, we are all dead men. Sadly we cannot choose how but we can decide how we meet that end in order that we are remembered as men.” – Proximo
By Anonymous
Can't get any duel action at L33 +8/+3 .
By Anonymous
Is it possible to play 1v1v1 ffa in colosseum?
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i know it might seem rude for me to immediately jump at you before you do your emotes/get ready during a duel, but i'm doing it because i got burned by a rot breath user because i didn't immediately rush my opponent. (there's no cover in the arena)
By Anonymous
yes I have the same issue, all the limits of the fights are stablished in the arena mode, once you can move we are fighting: this is not the duelist sign, but a lot of players are waiting to let them buff etc, that is giving advantage, because you dont know if they will wait for you buff ing or perhaps they are attacking inmediatly or whatever. If the arena rules want the players buff then would be a time of invulnerability as in invasions.
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this is pretty fun
By Anonymous
This is so fun.
I love it, it’s like smash bros Elden ring haha
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There's some people that instead of having just "Combatent" on their username have "Golden Combatent", is that a type of ranking system for the colosseums?

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By BoletarianVileblood
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I read that you can make matches against npcs as a practice mode? Is that true?