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By Anonymous
I want to have paladin or crusader class
By Anonymous
Which classes do you suggest work well together in a 2 player co-op game?
By Anonymous
Rogue and necro worked well for me. Rogue dis high ST and killed bosses. While minions took aggro and reduced the mechanics needed for the Rogue avoid.
By Anonymous
My friend and I have been doing well with a Druid using a werebear build and a sorcerer.
By Anonymous
If they insist on making something new for the next class, it should be a Cleric..
By Anonymous
I can see something filling that paladin/ crusader void.
By Anonymous
First Class im starting with is Sorceress
By Solaries
If you're going to combine wizard and sorcerer, you should also combine paladin and crusader.
By Anonymous
I wouldn't say they're combined at all. The distinguishing feature between wizards and sorcerers is that most of the wizard spell list is arcane magic, whereas the sorcerer has no arcane magic and focuses solely on fire/ice/lightning elemental spells.