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By Anonymous
I block every parry user m. I will not be punished for not using whips or only jump attacks. Stupid mechanic. And no it is not hard, it is so easy to parry especially in PvP, it’s such a cheap and boring crutch. Oh, you like to cast to punish parries? Sorry, we have magic parries too, all in one! Only whips and jump attacks! What fun!
By Anonymous
R1 spammer detected, opinion disregarded
By Anonymous
"Yeah no, parry isn't viable, use stance-break."

*proceeds to furiously complain about every high poise humanoid enemy with slow swings*
By philosfool
Mechanically, it appears as if a nearly missed parry is treated as guard/block.

As a result, having higher guard boost means less stamina drain when you miss your parry. I tested this with the greatshield talisman and a +0 buckler on soliders at Gatefront. After several intentionally missed parries (and many accidentally successful ones--damned muscle memory) it was clear that much less stamina is drained when just missing the parry with the greatshield talisman equipped. If you have a shield that you parry with a lot, it's worth leveling the shield some to get the extra guard boost.
By philosfool
I disagree with the article's assessment above that "you will do more damage with stance break for criticals than trying do parry, since this will do damage before you stance break." Parrying is not in an exclusive alternative to other strategies but complementary to them. You can put a buckler in your left hand and a zweihander in your right. AFAIK, enemy stance points are in no way affected by successful parries or vice versa. You do the most damage when you blend available strategies efficiently and parrying most certainly increases your damage output when you successfully blend it.

The comment in the article is the result of the logic of "builds" where someone is trying to put together the best combination of equipment for that single (sometimes mindless) playstyle that leads to spamming one or two attacks to do all your damage. While those builds are certainly viable, comments to the effect that parrying is "suboptimal" derive from assuming that you are somehow trying to do a "parry build" or simply that you can't pull it off reliably. Neither is a worthwhile assumption.
By Anonymous
Finally someone who gets it. Like bruh, I'm not about to make a "charged R2 build," I'll use charged R2 when the situation calls for it. Same with parrying.
By Anonymous
Two next-best-things that you can do to dogs instead of parrying them: 1. Knock them out of their incoming attack with your own attack. 2. Jump straight up as their attack reaches you and it'll (usually) whiff so you can punish with a jump attack immediately.

For context, I resent being forced to roll out of the way of dogs (or having to hide behind a shield and guard counter them). I want to assertively hold my ground against them and shut them down in a parry-like way (meaning something that requires some skill/awareness and rewards you by being resource efficient, not a guard counter which is mindless and wastes stamina), but they can't be parried, so these are my next-best options. The jump counter is probably especially useful on very slow or stubby weapons.
By Anonymous
I've been running parry in pvp with the dagger talisman and a misercorde in my other slot. Absolutely worth the practice, I can beat players who have 100% better spacing than me, higher poise/hyperarmor, i can win vs high pressure fast attacking dual-wielders, and i absolutely wreck greatspear users. No it isnt going to win you every duel but if you practice reading your opponent, sometimes you can end a duel in the first ten seconds. I use a weapon that has a bad ash of war i would never use in pvp anyway, so parrying has become my bread and butter
By Anonymous
They gotta rebalance this. Nothing about it is broken, but it's not right that 100% phys reduction **** can slot a long distance parry with better frames than the Buckler. Or that the parry that allows you to meme mages doesn't cost anything if you don't block projectiles. Unlike the one that only blocks arrows and bolts, which always uses FP and, by the way, has worse frame data.

Just really bizarre all around.
By Anonymous
Yeah, it's weird Carian Retaliation has almost no downsides. Golden Parry has the same duration but uses FP every time (and long-range parrying ain't all that useful). Same problem with Storm Wall on top of worse parry frames. Thops' Barrier has worse parry frames and doesn't retaliate (but it can deflect multiple projectiles at once instead of just one). Buckler doesn't protect you if you fail the parry. And parrying with medium shields is really hard without any AoW.
By Anonymous
Why are so many types of parry straight up worse than others? I wanted to use great epee with sidearm parry rapier for a cool giant rapier/dagger combo but there's pretty much no reason to do so instead of just using a buckler/golden/carian
By Anonymous
You can do it cause it's cooler
By Anonymous
earn the cool points, get better at parrying
By Anonymous
Parrying usually isn't worth the trouble since the risk/reward/effort ratio is so skewed, a crit can be obtained more easily by jump attacks and guard counters. A few enemies however make it worth considering; Crucible knights get absolutely wrecked by parries and many of their attacks are pretty easy to parry, and with a bit of practice some of the most frustrating fights in the game can be utterly wrecked by parries.
shame it takes multiple parries to riposte bosses like melania, parrying would be way better if that wasn't the case
By Anonymous
There's little risk if you're good, and parry gives you time afterwards to heal, apply a buff or even chain another attack. The best solution is incorporating every technique into your playstyle. For example, you can riposte the Bell-Bearing Hunter on every second parry, but you still stun him with your first. If you follow up that stun with a charged R2, you have effectively set him up for two additional ripostes. One when you break his stance and another the next time you parry him. In that way, landing a parry can quickly snowball into winning the fight, which is why ripostes require multiple parries and do less damage this time around. Lets also not forget that parry is a defensive technique first and foremost. Think of it as dodging an attack while landing one of your own. Which is especially important in a game that allows as little openings as Elden Ring does, since not every dodge leads into the same kind of punish. Essentially, you have much more control over certain fights if you learn how to parry.
By Anonymous
I agree that parry could be *slightly* easier, but if you are good at parrying the risk/reward is absolutely worth it. I can kill NG+8 and onwards Malenia in 2-3mins flat from entry to finish because of parry, without the use of any buffs and just a bleed greatsword; I've not found any other build that does it faster or more consistently. Admittedly it took alot of practice before I actually got good enough to parry all her attacks.

You *could* get lucky and do it faster with some other combos like gugs + lion's claw/giant hunt but that is largely from RNG, otherwise you spend alot of time baiting for punishable attacks.
By Anonymous
-"Humanoid enemies are parriable"

Not Godfrey, be careful out there.
By Anonymous
because he is using two hand giant weapon