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By Anonymous
For the love of god, don't drain all my stamina when I fail a parry, let me take the damage dammit
By Anonymous
I hope someone can confidently answer this, as parry goblins are rough. Can you parry jump attacks? Or is it only certain weapons.
By Anonymous
what about golden retaliation?
By Anonymous
Parrying is too difficult and inconsistent that it makes it completely worthless. Especially in PvP with those instable latencies and From's **** netcode. Just dodge or block.
By Anonymous
Just wanted to say that I have actually managed to parry an attack more than once. I've never been able to do that before. As for any lower damage from the follow-up attack it doesn't mean anything to this build as my weapon is whatever spell I'm using on my staff (carian slicer if I'm close enough to be parrying).
By Anonymous
I'm not sure if they changed it recently, but the parry on Curved Swords is definitely not as long as this page says it is. It comes out WAY faster than the dagger parry. It feels like it has very few frames, but its delay is a lot shorter.
By Anonymous
Somehow Elden ring managed to make this skill that requires awesome timing and great skill completely useless.
If you miss the timing due to lag or whatever else, you get annihilated from the stamina drain.
If you catch it the damage is terrible because one goofy magic spell does twice the damage without the risk. It’s an utterly useless skill in this game at this point. It needs a major damage boost to be useful again.
By Anonymous
Where does the Blasphemous Claw you use against Maliketh(Only) rank in all this?
By Anonymous
Great game mechanic IF you can pull it off at least 95% accuracy. Otherwise just roll or block.