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By Anonymous
Maybe I'm just caught up in the moment but this guy represents some serious failure at mid-game balance. That Flèche combo is absurd. The ability to turn for the final fast hit and the strength of that hit is just way, way too much. One, single move makes this much more difficult than it should be in the balance and growth of the rest of the game leading up to him. Much worse than the status effect insta-death you faced earlier. Much worse than the different resistances and weapons specializations you might deal with from earlier bosses. Just awful.
By Anonymous
I agree, think the damage from both the Sanguinmancer and even some of his minions like the vamp ninjas and bloodstone beast's triple shot, do way to much damage. Like I see what the devs were trying to do with them, low health+low skill variety for insane damage but it's still way too much damage and the low skill variety is too effective (multiple hits, full screen lunges, multiphase tracking). Taking a third of that damage would be enough to balance it a little. People should be able to survive ONE full combo raw, instead of getting killed with two/three hits from a five-six hit combo.
By Anonymous
I think I know whats the deal with the Bloodstone Beast's (Triple shoot flying gargoyles)
I discover its projectiles are the same of the tutorial boss (An Enemy which deals insane amounts of damage even at endgame lol)
So this game has only 1 Dev for game design (And another 1 for the multiplayer network)
So he re-used the same projectile for the gargoyle and forgot to reduce the damage for it lol
By Anonymous
gigachad boss
By Anonymous
Well the game was pretty fun despite the critics up until this boss, I didn’t have many problems on anything until this guy, way too OP, I’m a souls vet and platinumed S&S. There’s literally nothing fun or enjoyable about this fight, as the other poster said even his minions are juiced up, maybe I’m underleveled (56) but I had to quit and save this one for another day
By Anonymous
I just came here to see if anyone else thought this boss was absurd. Hardest fight in the game for me at the moment. He is just too aggressive and hits too hard for me to do anything.
By Anonymous
How in the name of anything is this mess a Tier 12? His Flèche Combo is just busted. He is relentless and apparently has a whole bunch of poise as well. I ran into him at level 60. I had to grind all the way to 110 (thank god for Fated Hunts) so I could pump my endurance just to stack as much Dark defence as I could with the Deep set and still roll as well as pump my strength.

I ended up just chucking every Decoction and Fire Bomb I had at him and only getting into melee range when I was out.

He kind of reminds me of the Nameless God from Salt and Sanctuary but at least THAT ONE could occasionally have his poise broken.